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Top 5 eSports Betting Sites UK in 2024

Esports is the type of organized, multi-player video game competitions that can be played in teams or individually. They have been getting more and more popular in recent years, particularly the ones between between professional players, and esports betting is growing just as fast. It has grown into a whole industry.

Naturally with the growing popularity comes a great number of questions from people interested in esports betting. Whether you are truly familiar with the game or only know the basics, you might still have questions on both the game and the wagering. This guide is designed to answer all of the questions that a typical bettor may have concerning esports.

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What Should I Look for in an Esports Betting Site?

There are several important questions you should look into before choosing your online sportsbook to place esports bets at:

Can I Trust the Sportsbook?

Esports Betting Site

Esports books are just as regulated as any other sportsbook. All odds are calculated by expert bookmakers, and you’re safe to place your wagering funds on the events. In order to remain competitive, it’s in their best interests to keep their odds as reasonable as possible. All numbers are calculated, checked, and double checked. The result is a fair book that you can trust.

How Good Are the Prices for Esports?

The prices for esport betting are kept competitive. The bookmakers offer what they think the market will bear, which means that they have to stay in line with competing companies. The result is that all prices for esports are as reasonable as those that you might find on any other book. Just because esports is a relatively new industry, it doesn’t mean that they don’t follow the same rigorous rules and assessments as other gaming options.

What Kind of Promotional Value Does the Sportsbook Offer?

The sportsbook offers punters a wide variety of promotions. You’re guaranteed to find a wide array of offers waiting for you, depending on what is happening with the markets. Often, certain promotions will only be available for certain events and markets, such as LOL esport markets. And you will also have to ensure that all qualifying wagers meet certain conditions, such as minimum stakes and odds requirements. Despite these conditions, you should have no problems enjoying exceptional promotions from the sportsbook, such as that provided by The Score esports.

What Type of Bets Can I Place on Esports?

Esports betting offers all the same kinds of wagers as regular sports. Most events will have the option of outright wagers. This means that you will bet on the eventual champion of the entire tournament. You can also pick individual events out of the tournament to bet on, by using available winner odds for each match. And you can wager on points as well. Plus, you may find a number of other odds available for bets, such as promotion or relegation odds if the tournament operates on that kind of system.

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Is It Legal to Place Bets on Esports?

All online bookmakers, whether esports or regular sports, are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This body ensures that everything comes as close as possible to offering customers a fair go at the casino.

Who Regulates Esports Betting?

Esport Betting

Esports games betting is regulated by exactly the same institutions that regulate general sports betting. In the UK, this responsibility falls to the UK Gambling Commission. This body ensures that all bookmakers and casinos that want to be in esports conform to certain guidelines and rules. Any organisations that are found to be falling short of their requirements are penalised. If they continue to fail to conform to the necessary guidelines, they can be closed down.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Bet on Esports?

Esports betting in the UK falls under guidelines set down by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that you will not be able to wager on esports events if you are under 18. If you do wager on events, for instance, with esportslivescore, and you are under 18, the bookie is not obliged to pay you any winnings or honour any wagers, as you are breaking the law.

How Can I Be Sure Matches Are Fair?

Esports news lets you keep up with the latest likely odds. As far as the matches themselves go, the industry is largely self regulating, much like any sports industry. Esports teams take their work seriously, and it is in their best interests to provide a fair game. They are, after all, playing to win. As with sports in general, the likelihood that esports teams or players will throw a game for financial rewards is extremely low.

Bookmakers involved in esports UK betting generally offer a number of ways to deposit money and to withdraw any wins.

Using Mastercard/VISA to Deposit for Esports Betting

Esports Bookmakers

When it comes to depositing money in your account, you are best off using Mastercard or Visa. These systems allow for an immediate transfer of funds. You may have to go through some verification procedures, depending on who you bank with. But in general, the transaction is the same as any other online transaction.

Can You Use Bitcoin (BTC) to Bet on Esports?

There are a number of online bookmakers that allow you to place your wager top sports in Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has exploded in the last few years, becoming a preferred investment option for many people. However, it’s uncertain how long the bubble will last before it bursts. If you are looking to wager with BTC, you can find certain places that provide this opportunity.

Other Methods of Deposits for Esport Betting

There are a number of other useful money transfer options that are on offer from bookmakers for wagering on esports live. Skrill, Paypal, and others are all convenient ways of transferring funds to your account. The different companies do take a different amount of a cut, depending on what their rates are. Some of these companies are designed specifically with online gambling in mind. If you’re looking for a convenient way of moving your wagering funds around, it may be worth your while investigating these options.

Betting Esports

The esports arena has exploded in recent years, with tournaments taking place around the world for incredibly high rewards. As a result, the profits available to punters and the number of markets on offer have never been bigger. Current trends suggest that by 2024, around 15.4 million people around the world will be wagering on esports tournaments. The biggest areas for it remain North America and East Asia.

How Much Money Is Bet Worldwide?

The value of these bets, by 2024, is expected to reach 29.8 billion USD.

What Regions Bet the Most on Esports?

North America and East Asia have traditionally been the home of esports events. They have some of the biggest tournaments around, and bookmakers in these parts of the world have been a step ahead of the curve when it comes to providing odds on events. Europe is next, with a wide number of tournaments and events taking place here and a correspondingly broad number of markets available. South America also has a fairly significant esports presence.

Most esports bets are placed in much the same way as regular sports wagers. Bookmakers offer a wide selection of markets and odds, covering many different outcomes. Competitive odds ensure that the market is reasonable, and that you’re able to get a fair go on your chosen market, for the best esports results.

Fantasy Esports Betting

Esports Bets

Fantasy esports betting operates in the same way as regular fantasy sports betting. You can put together a team of your ideal players, and watch how they progress in whatever leagues and sports they are involved in. The more success they have, the more money you win back.

Item/Skin Esports Bets

This kind of wagering is unique to esports. Essentially, in place of a cash stake, you wager an item you own within the game. This form of wagering has become popular among online gaming communities and is big enough that you can carry out transactions within Steam online exchange.

Social Esports Bets

This form of wagering is essentially a casual approach to making gaming a little bit more interesting. Wagers are placed between friends and acquaintances on a casual basis, with no bookmaker or middle party involved. It’s a low friction approach that isn’t intended to make a huge amount of money.