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Esports Live Streaming

Streaming is a modern way of conducting live reporting using special Internet resources. Thanks to this method of transferring information, it is possible to achieve a sense of the direct presence of the viewer at the scene. eSports live streaming tournaments and matches are very popular today and are in demand among viewers. Many fans of computer games enjoy watching eSports live broadcasts from famous competitions. Watching the game of your favorite teams and famous players, you can fully experience the atmosphere and dynamics of the match. Many eSports fans love to watch eSports streams. The broadcast quality largely depends on the professionalism of the commentator, the technical equipment and software used to transfer the gameplay live.

In 20 years, streaming has gone from entertainment for gamers that play live computer games to a market of over $ 10 billion. Currently, the streaming market is estimated at $ 10.1 billion and predicted another $ 3 billion to grow by the end of the current year. Advertisers are trying a new promotion tool, integrating their products into the broadcast of successful streamers. It’s too early to talk about the revolution – they are doing it very carefully, but bloggers definitely have cause for concern. According to SuperData, gamers alone outnumber those of HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined to 666 million. And in parallel with eSports streams, other areas are actively developing: IRL (In Real Life – any broadcast where video games are not played), DIY (Do It Yourself), educational streams, etc. Yes, and public figures are striving to get their piece of the pie and too they stream a lot and enjoy it.

The results of the research showed that almost half of the Internet users (44%) watch streams or stream themselves. At the same time, the majority of viewers (42%) in this format are attracted by the realism and the ability to communicate with the author in real time. This is what fundamentally distinguishes streamers from video bloggers: the latter edit their videos, viewers are deprived of the opportunity to interact with them online. If you are a fan of the exciting virtual world of shooters, adventure games, strategies, fantasy worlds, then keep a close eye on eSports games in this or that discipline. This is easier to do when the full schedule of esports matches for the next week, month of 2021 is laid out on one page and you know where to watch esports live streams.

Best eSports Live Stream Sites in UK

In the past few years, eSports platforms for streaming have become popular. And do not think that they stream only games! They stream anything: someone is reading a bedtime story, someone is playing the guitar, and someone is coding and streaming the whole process.

This is an exciting and wildly profitable activity if you set up the donation system correctly. We think the time has come to tell you about game streaming sites and platforms. Let’s go!


Twitch always stands first when it comes to streaming games. But there you can find not only gamers, but also musicians, programmers, scientists and so on. It offers many functions: an internal donation system, live broadcasts for podcasters, comments, saved broadcasts in the form of clips, etc. Flexible user interface will please almost anyone. The service is compatible with almost all video streaming utilities. All the listed benefits are available for free. The premium version provides access to elite chat rooms and exclusive emoticons.


ESports streaming on YouTube compete with a huge number of streams and recordings on a wide variety of topics. This is probably why famous game streamers prefer Twitch more often. But if you’re just getting started streaming games, you might be better off starting with YouTube, as the platform’s algorithm helps you get your first subscribers. At the same time, YouTube is a convenient reservoir for recording old broadcasts and a popular platform for IRL streaming.

YouTube allows you to stream from all popular devices except the Xbox console, which is an unpleasant limitation for its owners. Streamers with YouTube-compliant channels can connect to the affiliate program to earn money from paid subscriptions or advertisements in broadcasts and recordings. During streams, partners can also use super chat: it allows conversation participants to donate to a streamer. Additionally, YouTube is testing the Sponsorship feature. So far, it is only available to some partners and allows them to create and sell digital goods. Live broadcasts that are less than 12 hours in length are automatically saved to YouTube until you manually delete them.

In the case of YouTube, it should be noted that the YouTube Gaming streaming service was closed in May 2019, but the “Video Games” tab was taken out as a separate world for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of video games. This is where your streams will be stored.

Dailymotion Games

Dailymotion Games is one more platform that provides gamers with a possibility to watch and create videos in two ways. This can be live eSports and pre-recorded. They can capture and search for the game content worldwide and share the ones they like with others through social networking. This is an excellent opportunity for gamers who dream to share their videos with as many people as possible.


The platform is organized by combining such previously known platforms as Azubu and HitBox. Smashcast’s user interface is pretty much the same as most of the competition, but rather simplistic. It has such features as search, categories, division into private, public and even adult broadcasts. It provides users with a free and easy access to platform capabilities. Smashcast is even a little easier to use than Twitch.


Team Liquid is an innovator in the eSports online community, beginning its operation in 2001 as a Starcraft news site and transforming into a multi-regional eSports professional within the last six years with the purchase and signing of a number of pro players (like Team Curse) in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Dota 2, Street Fighter, and more. Their initial news-site still function and their specialization is still on Starcraft. In addition, their site currently has a live-streaming section for the members and visitors to present the latest streams for matches casted live. So, you do not need any additional platforms to watch eSports live.

Facebook Gaming

Although Facebook supports in-game broadcasts, almost no one watches them on this platform. Therefore, game streamers often bypass the largest social network. Facebook is more suitable for those who broadcast webinars and similar content to a business audience.

You can broadcast from your computer and mobile devices. Game videos can only be streamed from a computer. As for the earnings: Facebook is still testing the monetization system. After the broadcast is complete, the video can be saved on the page. The social network supports masks.


The service offers stylish design and smooth operation. Mixer has recently begun to conquer the streaming market, but it is already showing itself quite well. It works great on iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast as well as Android platforms. Mixer supports video recording with 4K capabilities at 60fps. There may be problems with heavy video games – sometimes there is a slight delay in streaming.


21st Century Fox and other big companies are investing in Caffeine.tv. This is a good reason to see this game streaming platform promising. In addition, the site is establishing contacts with eSports teams and will broadcast their content exclusively. So, recently Natus Vincere became a partner of the company.

Caffeine.tv relies on simplicity: the service has an intuitive interface that is easy for a beginner to understand. The site is still in the pre-release version and is actively developing. But a donation system has already been presented, which should motivate content producers. Streaming games from computers and iPhones is supported.

Steam TV

Valve has quite unexpectedly added a beta version of a new streaming platform for broadcasting games – Steam Broadcasting – to the corporate service for digital distribution of computer games and programs Steam.

Available at a specialized web address and in the official program for the OS X and Windows desktop operating systems, the Steam Broadcasting video game service allows users to start broadcasting or watch friends play eSports live UK in one click. Broadcasts can be viewed in popular browsers Google Chrome and Apple Safari on two operating systems known to you and written above.

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Game Launchers

Mobile devices are increasingly approaching full-fledged gaming platforms. Game controls and graphics are evolving, and special apps are emerging for a more comfortable gaming experience. One such application is Game Launcher. It is designed for easier access to all games on your device plus it has a feature of video recording. The ability to record gameplay without using third-party software is very valuable in itself. The video is saved without loss of frame rate and in good quality.

Cable TV

Companies like Netflix have revolutionized cable TV with easy, cheap streaming. Now streaming eSports on TV is changing dramatically due to the introduction of blockchain technology. New projects are emerging that use this technology to address the shortcomings of traditional broadcasting.

Streaming services are much better suited for a number of parameters in terms of functionality than Pay TV. The functions with the most significant difference are:

  • Availability of exclusive content;
  • Access on;
  • Device support.


TBS channel is one of users’ favorite channels. This is one of the veterans of the Time Warner company, which has been attracting lovers of good humor and positive mood since the sixties. Sitcoms and their relaunches are the reasons why viewers love TBS so much. Currently, eSports streams are added to them.


ESPN is one of the most watched sports television channels in the United States with millions of viewers. Thus, the episodes of Monday Night Football draw over 10 million viewers to the screens! Alas, this channel is only available to US viewers – either as an Internet service or as one of the cable TV channels.

ESPN holds exclusive rights to broadcast certain sports leagues on cable television. Streaming on ESPN requires a cable subscription; you will also be able to watch free clips.

The Regional TV & Streaming Options

Internet broadcasts are becoming an increasingly popular format not only among users of social networks, but also among regional TV channels. Increasingly, major local events gather an audience not only on TV channels, but also on streaming. Streaming channels is developing dynamically and demonstrates high growth rates both in terms of audience and advertising monetization. The audience is watching more and more regional TV on the Internet on their devices. This is a good option of how to watch eSports streams.

Why Watch eSports Matches?

The possibilities of showing live eports run up against a certain limit of reality, but in cyberspace it is not. Any requests from spectators and novelties are realized here by the hands of several programmers, and not by sewing microscopic cameras into a real ball or installing a complex system around the goal, into which a goal may not fly in for years. eSport has already won, because a beautiful candy wrapper decides a lot, and the content will catch up.

Where to bet on live-streamed esports?

The coronavirus pandemic has left not only ordinary people at home, but also deprived us of a great many sports events. Thousands of matches, hundreds of tournaments have been canceled due to the threat of the spread of COVID-19. But life does not stand still, and in our era of high technologies, both sports and bookmakers have gone online – recently it became known that the share of live eSports betting has grown exponentially with most of the bookmakers that offer computer sports as events for which you can “charge” your bet.

Now, taking into account the realities, most bookmakers offer to place bets in one way or another on e-sports and its main disciplines like Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, FIFA, Overwatch and others. But, of course, the most exciting, gambling bets are on e-sports streams, when you can see the composition of the teams, in what form and mood they are, what maps, characters they have, in what positions. It is great that there are plenty of gaming streaming sites to choose from.

You can bet on eSports at such bookmakers as GGBET, Bet365, Unibet, Mr. Green, OneHash, LeoVegas, Pinnacle, Betsafe and many others. Now, many bookmakers are developing this direction of betting. Firstly, it is the situation in which there is practically no sport in the world against the background of a pandemic, and the one that has gone online, and secondly, eSports continues to develop as a concomitant to the development of technologies.