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PUBG Betting Guide 2024

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds project entered the gaming market in 2017. It was the eSports PUBG that made the Battle Royale style popular. Almost immediately the game got into the competitive section. Teams performing in this discipline have appeared in many eSports associations. Singles and tournaments are held annually in different countries. Leading bookmakers couldn’t ignore the surge of interest in PUBG gambling. Therefore, sites of different comfort offer to bet on money on this game.

PUBG is one of the newest online games that literally filled every region of the world in a matter of days. The matches in this game last very long, some take about 3 hours, which makes this game the most entertaining game in the world. At the moment, there are still not many major PUBG tournaments, such as Dota or CS: GO. You are a real lucky one if you have already managed to attend a real tournament for this game and see it live. However, PUBG gamble is no less interesting to watch from the screens of computers or phones. Broadcasts gather a huge number of viewers who root for their favorite players and teams. In order not to waste 3 hours of time on viewing, many also place bets on PUBG teams and make good money on this.

Best PUBG eSports Betting Sites
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Legal bookmakers offer Battleground betting odds:

  • Pinnacle sports. This bookie was one of the first bookmakers to start working with eSports betting and it offers betters not only the highest betting odds, but also very attractive betting limits.
  • Betway makes it possible to place bets on all the most popular eSports disciplines in the world, offering its clients attractive odds and a wide list of all the matches of major tournaments.
  • Bet365 was among the first to start accepting bets from clients on all sorts of eSports events. Their line includes matches of some minor tournaments.
  • GG.BET specializes exclusively in eSports. The line of this bookmaker includes not only popular eSports disciplines, but also games that are only gaining popularity. The list contains bets not only on the outcome of matches or handicap, but also on: map winners; total murders; duration of a particular fight; on the one who will destroy the first tower, etc.
  • LOOTBET is an unusual organization that is ready to surprise bettors with a number of moments. Specific benefits include: the ability to place the PUGB bet not only with money, but also with skins; withdrawal of money within 3 days; generous bonus policy.
  • EGB is a popular site that offers PUBG betting. Advantages of the organization comprise: excellent work with visitors. There are chat, contests and various sweepstakes; convenient search filter. You can find the desired Battle Royale event in a matter of seconds; there are live broadcasts.

In the proposed list, all offices operate legally. Before choosing a site on which you will place a bet, look at the forecasts published by the resource. Check if there are match statistics. Check out the types of bets that you are invited to make.

Many of them make promotional offers to registered users with or without bonus codes for player Unknown Battlegrounds.

How we Judge PUBG Sportsbooks and eSports Betting Sites

We thoroughly studied the work of each represented PUBG betting site, reflecting all the pros and cons. Attention is paid to brands with a good reputation. A reliable operator today is one who pays out any winnings, does not block accounts for successful players and provides high-quality services.

But the main parameter of the bookmaker’s evaluation is the breadth of the list of sporting events. Quality services should not be limited to the list of main outcomes or the market for total bets.

The company’s margin policy plays an important role. Few people want to place bets at low odds and feed the bookmaker with commissions. Therefore, the priority is operators offering decent quotes for the PUBG eSports championships.

What is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Betting

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer online shootout game in which players compete in a high-speed search for weapons and equipment. Having started its life as a modification, the game was released in spring 2017, and already in the fall it shook the fundamentals – the number of copies sold counted out million after million, and the amount of simultaneously playing players updated more than one record. The success of the game is also associated with the name of the creator Brendan Green – the pioneer and true luminary of the genre. Using all his knowledge and ideas, Green has managed to create a dynamic and suspenseful arena, made in the form of an island in the Black Sea. After landing, all players can be scattered across a gigantic location, but sooner or later they will meet at a certain point, where they will be driven by a ruthlessly narrowing ring of gas.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds concept is inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royale, in which a group of schoolchildren are gassed, put in explosive collars and thrown onto a desert island in the Pacific Ocean, forcing them to kill each other with pans, pots and axes. Unlike the movie, the game has no schoolchildren and no social background, but the reward is unchanged – only one player will receive life and freedom. Each battle in the game takes place according to a unique scenario – the landing plane flies along a random corridor, and the generated means of survival appear in different places. After disembarking, players begin to inspect buildings in search of weapons, equipment, medicines and other things. Some zones have an increased chance of generating the best quality items, but they are extremely dangerous on a competitive basis. After equipping and assuming a warlike appearance, the players begin a real hunt for each other, interrupted by the need to leave the danger zone.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports Tournaments

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gained immense popularity among video game lovers. If initially the developers had an idea only to turn the modification into a full-fledged game, now we are talking about an actively developing eSports discipline.

A large number of PUBG tournaments are held annually. The most striking examples are:

  • PUBG Continental (200 thousand dollars prize pool);
  • Frag League (15 thousand dollars prize pool);
  • Master League (70 thousand dollars prize pool);
  • Nations Cup (500 thousand dollars prize pool).

The largest championship, the Global Championship, has a prize pool of over $ 4 million. The impressive tournament amounts attract thousands of players around the world. Today the first wave of the project’s popularity has subsided. 2019 has been a harvest year for PUBG tournaments. There were about 70 of them. In 2024, four major competitions were planned. The next championship was planned to be held in Berlin from April 1, 2024. But the Berlin tournament has been postponed due to the danger of the COVID-19 virus. The total tournament prize pool could well exceed $ 5 million thanks to fundraising through special in-game purchases.

At last, on 22 July 2024, REGNUM PUBG’s Battle Royale has kicked off its eighth season, for consoles it will begin only at the end of the month – on July 30.

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Why you should Bet on PUBG?

PUBG has a fundamental flaw – a high percentage of random events. In fact, the match can turn into roulette. This almost completely closes the path to pre-match analytics. Nevertheless, despite the claims of skeptics, there are effective betting strategies that make PUBG betting quite effective.

  • The random effect

Randomness can play into the hands of eSports players. Successful loot, good landing are factors that greatly simplify the game. For example, if a car was found, then it can be used as a fence on bridges, if a sight was found, then you can quickly destroy opponents from a long distance. The essence of the strategy is to bet on those who are lucky in loot and positioning.

  • Statistics

PUBG has a rating (similar to leaderboards). The number of points for each squad and player depends on the kills. The more frags are, the more successful the team is. A large number of points is a guarantee not only of getting to major tournaments, but also of a possible victory in the championship. Bet on the favorites, as they are very pronounced in PUBG.

  • Slow vs Aggressive

Learn the squad style. Some teams focus on controlling and holding territories, while others focus on quick battles. If the game is dragging on and the endgame is close, then it is profitable to bet on a squad that feels comfortable on a small map. If the team is not afraid of head-on collisions, then they will win in the late stages.

PUBG Betting Bonuses

PUBG Betting Bonuses

Bonuses for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds resemble those provided for conventional sports and other eSports disciplines. Usually, they depend on a PUBG gambling site you opt for gambling. Lots of bonuses are based on your first deposit – varying from 25% to 100%. Some betting sites provide players with no deposit bonuses with or without a PUBG bets bonus code. These are mainly small amounts for starting gambling. Some PUBG betting sites offer such a bonus as skin bets. These bets are more familiar to gamers. With their help, you can get things to improve your abilities and indicators in the game. Good skins usually cost a lot of money, so it’s best to try your luck and win them by placing bets. To get started, you will need a starter set of skins so that you have something to place your first bets. The value of your “property” is determined by each site independently. It can change from time to time.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Betting Tips

The Battle Royale is full of factors that influence victory. You need to be able to highlight the most important metrics and base your predictions on trusted sources.

  • Drop off location

The original landing site lays the foundation for survival. The player can be thrown into a “poor” territory with a shortage of weapons and supplies, and can be thrown into a rich location. The landing site affects the success, but not in a decisive way. Scarcity Masters can easily take advantage of players who love initial wealth. This is especially evident in “crowded areas”. Sometimes it is better to land in a deep forest than in a place where many survivors gather.

  • Mastery

The two pillars of PUBG are shooting skill and positioning. The better a player or squad copes with killing opponents and holding territory, the more successful he will be in the tournament. Pay attention to players who are known for their shooting skills. This is especially true in total kills bets.

  • Team spirit

Despite the huge role of individual skill, most PUBG tournaments involve teamwork. Pay attention to well-coordinated teams that interact well with each other. It is not a problem for a good squad to find the right loot or capture the right territory.

  • Circle psychology

The circle is the center of the map. The closer the player or squad is to the center of the map, the easier the “narrowing of the territory” is experienced. If the team runs around the edges of the map, and the next cutoff moment is approaching, then the nerves begin to play naughty even among the professionals. A competent psychological attitude to the circle affects the success of a squad or a player. Look for performers who are cold-blooded in dealing with crises.

The task of the betting player is to predict whether the player or team will enter the declared TOP. In order to make a good guess, you need to keep track of the current shape of the prospective favorites. Experienced players advise to pay attention to the main games of recent tournaments, follow the streams of the teams and track the statistics of each of them. Follow the news. As you think through your bets, learn as much as you can about the team line-up. Study the social networks of the players and try to find out the mood of the teams.

It is difficult for beginners to immediately understand all the nuances. At the initial stages, look at the eSports predictions left by the professionals on the PUBG sites. Follow the performances of gamers whose reputation is growing. Perhaps one of them will bring you a win.

Picking a Winner

Picking a winner is not an easy task. Everything depends on the type of bet you want to make.

  • Last Hero. The most popular type of bet is to determine which of the players (or which team) will last the longest on the map. This event is influenced by such factors as the place of disembarkation, skill and random.

First of all, pay attention to the top squads and players. This is not about the form of the team throughout the season. In PUBG, the random factor is very important. It is advisable to be aware of who is the best at the moment of the event.

  • Total Frags – the number of eliminated players for the entire match. The total kills are greatly influenced by the skill of the players’ shooting. A top performer who is known for his kills is capable of bringing in a lot of kills. Look out for big names who have shown incredible elimination skills before.
  • Tournament Winner is the most difficult type of bet. This line is influenced by all factors, from skill, team coordination to statistics. The key advice is to choose your favorite PUBG team from the top lineups and bet on it. Almost everyone has equal chances. If you focus on one player or team and carefully study their strengths and weaknesses, then you can predict whether they will be able to take the championship title. If there is any doubt, at least one option for forecasts will disappear.
  • Getting into the TOP

The best indicators are always shown by the favorites. This is especially noticeable at long range. The advice is to pay attention to stable squads. If the team shows a good game throughout the season, then it is highly likely to get into the TOP.

Are there dominant best PUBG teams in esports or is it entirely random?

As in other disciplines, many famous PUBG players and teams do really exist and their fame has crossed the boundaries of their home regions. Among similar ones stood out:

  • North America: Cloud9, Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming;
  • Europe: Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports;
  • Japan: Crest Gaming Xanadu, SCARZ, Team RAYZE;
  • Korea: DeToNator, DPG danawa, Gen.G;
  • China: SSS, LYG, AMY;
  • Latin America: Team Singularity, Furia, Bitloft Esports;
  • Oceania and Australia: Incognito, Athletico, Hell Yeah Brother;
  • Macau / Hong Kong / Taiwan: MP5, ahq eSports Club, BigDealMen;

How can I be sure that PUBG games aren’t rigged?

This game is too unpredictable to suppose that it can be rigged. Sometimes the team can win with little or no kills, and sometimes it takes more than 10 kills. The eSports direction is unpredictable in general. Online PUBG tournaments bring together gamers from different regions and countries. They must play harmoniously. But often the result is directly due to the human factor: is the mood good, whether the player slept normally, is he sitting comfortably, etc.

How often can I bet on PUBG?

Currently, leading LAN events take place about once a month if not to consider the COVID-19 quarantine.

There are usually some online leagues where the leading teams can participate, so you have plenty of chances on PUBG events’ betting. However, always remember the following:

  • put on close distances. Tournament winner and similar lines are extremely difficult to predict;
  • watch live broadcasts. All key events take place in the game;
  • pay attention to the start of the game. The landing site matters;
  • consider the rating of squads;
  • play yourself. Personal practice will help you better understand the features of the game.