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Fortnite Betting Guide

Similar to top-end gaming names that achieved international success, there are a lot of people that are interested in watching competitive Fortnite gameplay. This is quite evident by the high number of viewers that watch the game daily on platforms like Twitch. Due to this, the market offers the best bookmakers that provide Fortnite World Cup betting. Thanks to the rising need to watch other players and the explosion of the various forms of eSport gambling, Fortnite betting is slowly starting to become a worldwide phenomenon.

What is Fortnite?

In today’s time, Fortnite has become a cultural and global phenomenon, attracting more than 125 million players since its debut in 2017. The smashing hit console and PC game capitalize on the ever-expanding growth of the ‘Battle Royale’ mode. This mode allows a set number of players to drop down into an isolated location and fight one another with whatever weapons they can get their hands on, like traditional firearms, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, etc.

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Key Facts About Fortnite Betting

Betting on Fornite and other forms of eSports like DOTA2, CS:GO, etc. have become very common. While these games are different, they more-or-less follow the same patterns of betting.

Discussing The Fortnite Gameplay

Before we jump into the topic of Fortnite game betting, you should know how the game is played. Since we will only be talking about the Battle Royale version in this article, you won’t see anything related to Fortnite Mobile or Fortnite Save the World. Every game starts simply – you will see 100 players that land on a small island and then move forward to gather resources and weapons before participating in an all-out war.

After a few hours of grueling battle, only one player (or team) is left standing and will be proclaimed as the winner. Of course, the entire process sounds straightforward; however, there is a lot of depth and technicality involved. Every match starts off on a flying bus.

You have complete control over where and when you want to jump out. With the help of the parachute, you need to reach the island and then start looking for resources and weapons. However, you should not let your guard down.

Since the map of the game is reasonably compact and tight, even simple tasks like picking up items can turn into a deadly fight if other players appear at the same time. Of course, this concept is nothing new or revolutionary, especially compared to other games like PubG and others. However, Fortnite kicks things up a notch by allowing you to build custom structures. Thanks to this feature, a simple game of shooting becomes a high-level and action-packed skirmish, where each party is creating its own fortresses to get better shooting angles and act as defense from enemy attacks. While quick reaction time and sharp aim do help you, the game is also about being smart about altering the terrain to your advantage. As the match keeps progressing, you will also find a lot of loot.

All the items you find here are divided according to the rarity. For instance, the common items are white, while the legendary ones are orange. The rarer is the item, the more powerful it is. You can also pick up weapons for your protection; you may start the game with a simple pistol and a pickaxe and end it with a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle. Obviously, a lot of new players avoid heading to a fight and try to capture the best loot possible. The game, however, does not offer you this luxury. An effect known as the Storm Eye kicks in every few minutes and decreases the playable area of the game. This feature keeps the action flowing continuously and ensures that even the stealthiest or most reserved players jump into the action.

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Fortnite Major Tournaments & Leagues

While the Fortnite Battle Royale is among the newest of the competitive titles, its eSports scene has seen a steady rise to fame. On top of that, Epic Games has proved to be quite relentless when it comes to promotions and has promised to keep moving forward. In March 2018, the company announced a gigantic prize pool of $100 million for its debut competitive season, which placed Fortnite a lot ahead of other eSports titles.

And as we have already seen the growth of betting on eSports in 2019, it is safe to say that the Fortnite tournament betting payouts will get bigger in the coming few years. All tournaments are played similarly. The main difference between each type of tournament is the number of players in each team. The matches vary according to categories, depending on squads, trios, duo, and solos. Each category features a different approach to a match.

For instance, solo games focus on a player’s skill and prowess, duos focus on two players and how they help and feed off each other’s momentum, and the squads and trios focus on holding down a compound against the enemy team or setting up flanks in extended duels. Currently, the competitive season holds the annual finals called The Fortnite World Cup and smaller competitions like Solo Cash Cup and Fortnite Champions Series. All of these can fill up a yearly calendar, with weekly competitions taking place globally.

Here’s How to Bet on Fortnite 2024?

Fortnite betting odds are almost similar to how you would bet for sports like NFL. The odds for a Battle Royale game looks like:

(For the sake of easier understanding, the number of players has been reduced from 100 to 5)

  1. Mongraal +1800
  2. Dubs +1700
  3. MrSavage +1600
  4. Stompy +1600
  5. Tfue +1350

Since player Tfue has the lowest odds, that player will be considered a favorite. The others will be considered as underdogs. As the tournament progresses, the odds keep changing if the oddsmakers believe one of the other players is gaining momentum.

Odds for a duo are much lower than those of solo players because the betting field is different. You will need to bet on 49 other teams, instead of betting against 99 other players. For instance, if Stompy has odds of +1600, the odds change to +800 when paired up with another player.

Players Worth Your Bets

The best way to know which players to bet on will come from eSports betting gamers and writers themselves. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to watch how each player performs on Twitch. Typically, the best players will make use of Twitch as a source of revenue, which will make it easy for you to watch and learn how they play all day long.

You also need to keep an eye out on the consistency in each player’s performance in the Fortnite event UK. You need to ask yourself how did certain players reach the top-5, -10, -15, or win the game. You also need to check on how many kills they got or went down. The answer to all these questions will help you make better bets on players, especially during big tournaments.

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Where to Bet on Fortnite?

Currently, the bonuses provided by any Fortnite betting website are quite limited and not been appropriately established yet, given the fact that the game and its betting markets are very young. However, you will find some bookmakers who are willing to provide new bettors with a deposit bonus that can also be applied to the Fortnite betting markets.

Fortnite Bonuses and Odds

The Fortnite bonuses mainly depend on the deposit chosen by the bettor. Mostly, the Fortnite betting app bonuses range between 25% and 100% of the first deposited amount. Another type of bonus that you, as a bettor, can take advantage of is the ‘no deposit’ bonus.

In this, you will be provided with a small amount so that you can start betting immediately. The odds of the Fortnite game are generally put up on display at the bookmakers’ site in either fractional or decimal format, similar to other betting markets. Bettors can calculate a particular player, squad, or duo’s probability, by merely using online odds conversion tools.

Where to Watch Fortnite?

Fortnite has its own YouTube channel where the Pro-Am contests and Finals of the Fortnite event UK time are streamed. The game also has its own dedicated Twitch channel where you can watch the broadcast of every match too. Both Twitch and YouTube can be accessed by your computer/laptop browser or be downloaded as apps on your smartphone. If you do not know what time is the Fortnite event UK, you can get to know about it in these two mediums.

Fortnite FAQ

Here are some common FAQs related to Fortnite betting.

Yes, you can bet on Fortnite legally in the UK. You will find a lot of bookmakers offer Fortnite eSports betting here. However, you do need to check the license of the bookie. This is because some bookies that are not UK-based might provide you with markets and allow you to open an account on the Fortnite world cup betting website. However, you will not be able to bet legally on anything if the UK Gambling Commission does not license them.

Betting on Fortnite is very easy. There are two ways to do so:

  1. Props: You need to bet on factors like solos (which player will emerge as the winner), duos (which duo are declared as winners), region (server of the player), and top 3 finishers.
  2. Moneyline: This is the more straightforward bet of the two; all you need to do is pick a winner outright.

There are many best Fortnite betting sites include GGBet, Bet 365, ArcaneBet, Bovada, etc.