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Overwatch Betting Guide 2024

From all available eSports games, one of them has quickly risen to establish a name in the pro-gaming community; this game is Overwatch, Blizzard’s critically team shooter game. Taking the US and Korea by storm, Overwatch is almost on the brink of overtaking big names like League of Legends and Dota 2 as the most viewed and played game, both professionally and casually, in 2024.

The game was released in 2016 and became well known as a first-person shooter that bought in a distinct gaming feature. The unique title has had a massive appeal amongst players, and many developers have attempted to copy its success. The game witnesses about 300,000 unique logins each week, with more than 40 million registered users; hence, betting Overwatch League has gained a lot of popularity.

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Some of the top betting sites where you can lay your bets are:

  • Unikrn
  • Betway
  • BetOnline
  • GG Bet
  • 888 Sportsbook
  • ArcaneBet
  • Pinnacle

How To Bet On Overwatch Online

Overwatch betting works almost similar to traditional sports. You need to choose which team will win the match. Eventually, your payout will be determined by how likely your chosen team is perceived to win by the sportsbook.

Most of the matches have a betting underdog and favorite. The underdog is considered less likely to win, and the favorites are the team that is expected to win based on a favorable condition/matchup or its superior talent.

The bets laid on the favorites pay less than the ones made on underdogs. The winning amount will be determined by the Overwatch League betting odds made by the oddsmakers during the matchup.

Overwatch Markets

Most of the Overwatch is based on money lines. However, you will find a lot more types of betting markets, like the ones discussed below:

  • Moneyline

Moneyline is a straightforward bet where you need to lay your wagers on which team is going to win the match. For instance, the Overwatch betting odds of Philadelphia Fusion and Florida Mayhem are set at -135 and +160, respectively.

To win $100 on Philadelphia Fusion, you will have to wager $135; as for Florida Mayhem, you will have to bet $100 to earn $160.

  • Totals (Under/over)

Totals refer to which two teams will combine to go under or over a set line. In this game, the totals are mostly based on a competitive best-of-five-format match.

For instance, under 4.5 rounds are +125, and over 4.5 rounds are -145. If you take the under, you need to ensure that the match ends in four rounds or less; as for the over, the match needs to last five rounds for you to win.

  • Overwatch Live Betting

Overwatch live betting, or live wagers, are bets that are made while a match is being played. This type of betting is different from pre-match bets, which are typically made before the game starts.

Live betting includes other types of betting, like Totals, Point Spreads, and Moneylines. Live bets are available for a short span after it is offered. Bookmakers take a look at the ongoing action and then decide the live wagers based on what is going on.

Most eSports bookmakers do not offer live wagers, apart from the big events. However, this could soon all change since the eSports industry continues to grow in popularity.

  • Overwatch Prop Bets

A prop bet, or a proposition bet, offers you with outcomes that are not consistent or dependent on the final score. This type of bets can involve a lot of different wagers like which player gets the most kills, which team draws the first blood, etc.

Prop bets are almost similar to live wager; however, they are not available at all times. These bets also take place during important games.

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Overwatch Gameplay

As it has already been established, Blizzard Entertainment is one of the top game designers today; they know exactly what the gaming community is looking for. Hence, it should not come up as a surprise that Overwatch was an instant hit, winning several awards to its name. Knowing how to bet on Overwatch League needs to start by understanding the game.

Similar to other popular video games, Overwatch is played in teams. A typical match consists of two teams, with six players each. You get to choose between 24 characters; these characters are known as ‘heroes’ and have distinctive sets of abilities and attributes.

The heroes are divided into three categories:

  • Damage: These are offensive heroes that deal a lot of damage to the enemies. However, they have low health.
  • Tank: These are defensive heroes that have a high health pool. Mostly, the role of tankers is to protect their allies from enemy attacks. They are also used to break the defense line of the enemy.
  • Support: Support heroes are characters that are not particularly strong in battle. However, they have abilities that weaken the enemy and/or enhance their abilities.

The game is a mix between two classic genres – FPS and MOBA. The matches are played between team vs. team; one is the attacking team, and the other is the defending team, which switches after one round. Your team can win the round/map by completing the objectives (mostly one or two). These objectives also depend on which map is being played.

The most common objective for the attacking team is to push forward a payload to reach the checkpoints; for each new checkpoint, you get more time to complete the objective and get new spawns. The defending team needs to capture the objective from the attacking team and hold it for some time.

Overwatch Game Modes

One of the best aspects of Overwatch is that the game offers a lot of different modes, which has helped it succeed as an eSport. Apart from the different arcade modes, Overwatch also has four simple modes that are perfect for competitive play, which you need to know for laying your bet on Overwatch League:

  • Assault Mode

In this type of mode, one team is attacking while the other is the defending team. The former needs to capture the specified areas of the map while the latter team needs to stop them.

  • Escort Mode

In this mode as well, one team attacks while the other team defends. The former needs to escort a payload across the map while the latter needs to destroy or capture the payload.

  • Hybrid Mode

This mode is a mix of the two modes mentioned above. The attacking team’s objective is to capture specific points on the map, which then releases a payload that needs to be escorted to another point. The defending team needs to stop and disrupt the efforts of the attacking team.

  • Control Mode

The control mode is almost like the assault mode. But instead of having two teams for attacking and defending, both teams need to take control of specific points on the map.

Top Overwatch Tournaments

Overwatch Tournaments

Unlike other eSports, all the top-tier Overwatch competitions are categorized under a single dedicated tournament, which is known as the Overwatch League. Also known as OWL, the Overwatch League is a franchised annual competition that features 20 organizing bodies from around the world.

You will see 27 competitive weekends called Homestands during the Regular Season. This league attracts the greatest number of viewers and crowds, and you will find a bulk of potential Overwatch league betting options here.

Overwatch also has the sprawling Contenders Season; this season is considered the largest training ground for professional Overwatch gamers, with 68 competing teams and eight competitive regions around the world. You will see that every famous Overwatch player that compete in the top tournaments have mastered their craft in the Contenders Season.

Finally, you will also see the Overwatch World Cup. This season will bring in a whole new dimension of betting in the mix. The World Cup is held every year during the BlizzCon, and you get to defend the pride of your region and nationality here.

Most of the National teams at the World Cup are a blend of amateur and professional players. Additionally, the roster also tends to shift wildly, which means that the competition and the Overwatch World Cup betting becomes very unpredictable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked FAQs about Overwatch and the betting processes.

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a first-person multiplayer shooter view game that was first released in 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

The game is a highly-stylized shooter set that takes place in the near-future Earth. Every match here is quite intense, pitting your character against a diverse range of oddities, adventurers, scientists, mercenaries, and heroes.

If you want to opt for eSports betting Overwatch, you first need to find a quality sportsbook. After you do, you can go ahead and create a profile here; the next step is funding your account.

Once your account has been registered and funded, you can start betting on the teams. You will find many types of bets available; the most common is the Moneyline bet, where you simply have to wager on which team will win the match.

You can bet on a wide range of competitions and tournaments on Overwatch. Overwatch is a game that is highly featured in many different eSports leagues and tournaments. You can wager on high-level completions like the Overwatch Contenders, Overwatch Pacific Championship, Overwatch Premier Series, and the Overwatch World Cup.