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League of Legends: Ranking System

League of Legends: Ranking System

There is nothing more competitive than the League of Legends ranks in the gaming world, and most new players could have a tough time adapting. LoL is a redefined platform with many features like roles and placements that help players gain an identity in the system to win. With in-depth knowledge of how the game works, it will be easy for players to fit into teams moving up to ranked tiers.

Before now, LoL used to be a game where two to three people had to specify a role before joining a queue; today, a lot has changed. Now, different players all around the world have easy access to the platform to create a role for themselves in a few minutes and proceed with the game. In this article, we are about to look at the LoL ranking system to understand more about the gaming structure and how players can improve their ranks successfully.

LoL 2019 Positional Ranks

Here is how the League system works. Players with the same skills are matched with or against themselves to find who is worthy of a new rank. In the game, nine tiers represent the various skills of players on the platform; however, ranking is done using a system a point called League Points (LP). Therefore, if a player wins a competition against a fellow player of the same skill, his league points increase, which is precisely what makes it competitive and exciting.

The question then is: “What is Positional ranking?” This is a new system introduced in 2019 in which there is a separate solo queue LoL rank for five individual game positions. With the help of this system, it is easy to track individual positions with stats, so that a player can be matched against another player with similar skill levels.

However, there are limitations to this LoL 2019 positional ranks, and one of them is: the separate stats for every role make it easy for players to lose focus of the game. They begin to pay more attention to the tiers given to their respective positions, which may be a total waste of precious time because wins won’t change a player’s stats. In addition, for players who have several roles on LoL, it would take a lot of hard work to raise these roles individually to high ranks.

LoL 2019 Ranked Placement Changes

For over six years, not much changed in the competitive structure of the League of Legends ranks. However, in 2019, there is about to be a revolution. For instance, playing ten placement matches used to be equivalent to a level based on some factors like contributions, wins, and losses. The introduction of provisional ranking is about to change that, where players can get a free and fair play.

With the provisional ranking given after the first game (you will only see it under nine placements), you can get a significant amount of LP, skip promotion series. Once you have ten placements, you are promoted to a higher rank (an official one), and you continuously advance up the ranked ladder. Besides, the more games you win during your placement gives you a solid chance of starting with either a Silver or Gold rank.

Therefore, what are the various ranks available:

  • Challenger
  • Grandmaster
  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron

These have been arranged in descending order, i.e., from the highest to the lowest. If you start with an Iron rank and continue making ten placements, one day, you will get to the Challenger rank (the highest level in League of Legends). In essence, 2019 tier placement changes by Riot is not only tremendous but quite helpful to players with multiple accounts.

LoL 2019 Ranked Tier Changes

The ladder is also about to change in 2019 because two new tiers are about to be added, with each of them having four to five levels. These tiers are probably going to be in between Bronze and Diamond, so it could be accessible to players simultaneously to avoid clumping. This change is going to have a significant impact and change the competitive structure of the game.

Furthermore, there is a feature called the Tier trim on the site under the profile banner that describes the tier a player was in the previous season. This feature is aimed at helping players to keep records and look out for progress as they use the platform often.

LoL 2019 Ranked Visual Changes

In addition to the changes made to the placement and tier, visuals have been made to look more beautiful than ever, so that users can have a good time. From the beautiful Greek representations of the tiers as colorful armors to the great background and themes, the platform is set to be used effectively. It is something that hasn’t happened in a while; hence, 2019 ranked visual changes is indeed a blessing.

How Does The Ranked System Work?

To understand the League of Legends, players must first know how the ranked system works; the knowledge is always helpful. Some of the things to know include; What ranked is? How can tiers be accessed? We implore you to pay attention as we explain how the system works so that you can have a wonderful time.

What Is Ranked and How It Can Be Accessed?

In the game of LoL, Ranked is the competitive mode teams of five players enter to compete for a prize (new one). These teams of five are against each other for a common goal of winning, which seems like a lot of fun on the brighter side. Ranked is only accessible to players who have reached level 30 with over 16 different champions; also, they are entitled to LoL level up rewards even after the 30th phase.

A player’s first attempt at ranked puts him in a single placement out of the ten available for him to determine or fit into his initial rank. Once this player wins more games during the placement, the chances of starting in a Gold or Silver rank becomes high. In the same vein, the provisional stat would be seen as it rises as a result of the wins in the placement matches too.

What is MMR?

Asides the whole concept about the competition in a League of Legends, there is something worth knowing, and that is the Match Making Rating (MMR). It is the hidden rating a player’s account has in a specific game type queue, and it determines the skill levels of other players be met in a game. MMR is a product of the number of wins gained or losses in defeats based on the point system of winning (League Points, LP).

MMR changes depending on how you win or lose, and it is calculated using the factors below:


Average matchmaking rating of different players encountered in either a normal or a ranked game.

Win or Lose streak

Here, you will understand how to calculate low, high, and normal MMR.

  • LP gain equal to 17-22 means MMR is normal, and a player can play with other players in the same rank
  • LP gain equal to 22-40+ means MMR is higher, and a player gets the chance to jump over division during promotion
  • LP gain equal to 14-17 means MMR is lower and can only do little
  • LP gain equal to 14, and below means, MMR suffers a significant setback and needs to be worked on immediately.

How to Level Up Fast in LoL

Being a competitive environment means you have to give it all you’ve got to make it to the top; in League of Legends, you need to reach the Summoner Level 30. It is a whole lot to do because you have to join competitive LoL ranks, climb the ladder, stack up against other players before this can be achieved. However, there is are ways you can level up fast and receive rewards at the same time, and they go thus:

Win Games

For every game, the main objective is to win, and this can only be done when there are utmost dedication and positive contribution to the game. Winning on LoL will get you EXP, but how do you make sure this is possible, especially when it is very demanding? Well, playing consistently and joining a team of players who share the same objective and commitment as you will foster your progress in the system.

First Win of the Day

At a particular point (level 15), players will start getting introduced to “First win of the day” to win an EXP bonus of 400 for a mission completed. You should seize this opportunity by logging in every day to qualify for daily wins of 400 EXP bonus. Using this initiative consistently to level up will only bring you good results.

Buy EXP Boosts

There is also an impact of EXP boosts on leveling up, even though the boost is only going to increase the EXP earned after every match temporarily. They are into two forms; Win Boosts and Duration Boosts. The former adds 210 XP and is applied on a won game while the latter doubles the original EXP earned and is applied for a while.

Altogether, buying EXP boosts will help increase the chances of leveling up of players.

Get On the Attack

If you are desperate about winning, then you need to make aggressive moves in your game because only that does the job. Choose a dynamic strategy that will leave a substantial impact on the game, and the odds will be in your favor.

Play, Play, Play

Finally, continue playing because that only gets you to achieve your objective. Even if you feel like it is taking too much time, buying EXP boosts can speed up the process for you while you play.

In conclusion, League of Legends is a whole new competitive game with high potential, and it needs to be carefully studied if you want to be an ultimate champion. LoL ranks must be understood!

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