https://esportsgames.clubSoraka is about to make a big comeback after LoL patch 10.10 buffs

Soraka is about to make a big comeback after LoL patch 10.10 buffs

Soraka is about to make a big comeback after LoL patch 10.10 buffs

League of Legends patch 10.10 has arrived to the live server.

The most recent update in League of Legends brings a new event and adds new skins to the Pulsefire skin line. Pulsefire Lucian, Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition, Pulsefire Pantheon, Pulsefire Fiora, and Pulsefire Ekko are coming to the shop of May 14. The Pulsefire event starts on that same day. Each skin will sell for 1,350 RP.

While the patch targets different champions, the highlights are the new measures against game-ruining behavior and the Soraka buff.

Soraka is back in patch 10.10

Season 10 is the season of Soraka so far. Soraka raised to popularity when pro players started to use her as a top laner. Since then, Soraka had to go through some severe nerfs to get her out of the top lane meta.

The key to Soraka’s success is how few resources she requires to be effective. In lane, Soraka can harass the opponent from a safe distance while also farming. Soraka can survive ganks and sporadic fight if she needs to. Ideally, Soraka will spend the first 10 minutes of the game purely farming, and then she’ll join the rest of the team in the team fights.

Soraka is the perfect champion for the top lane since she doesn’t require many items or much help to be effective. Patch 10.10 gives her back some of her power.


  • Q – Starcall, Base Damage 85/120/155/190/225
  • W – Astral Infusion, Health Cost Reduction 80/85/90/95/100%

The buffs in patch 10.10 might not be enough to bring Soraka back to the professional stage, but some teams might soon reconsider her as an option.

New tools to combat toxicity in LoL games

The second highlight of the patch has to do with the measures announced by Riot Games early this month to counter the game-ruining behavior. According to Riot, the developer is working on improving the report and feedback system in the game.

The goal is to differentiate between a player simply having a bad game and actually being a troll. The developer is pulling resources from different departments to get the job done as quickly as possible. Starting with patch 10.10, players will see more frequent instant feedback reports. It means that players will be notified of the outcome of their reports faster than before.

This is a big step in the right direction. Riot seems committed to reducing the toxicity in solo queue, and it all starts with patch 10.10

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